The rise of paid content

It was only a couple of years ago that we collectively balked at the concept of paying for content online. We were outraged at the very notion that we should pay for something we could already get for free, and even more so as paywalls went up on popular sites like the New York Times. Oh, how times have changed! Today we live in a very different reality, where paid content is becoming the norm - whether you realize it or not. The NYT now has over 700,000 paying subscribers - which have consequently saved their business.

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How? By offering high quality, often-exclusive content at a reasonable price. And by making it so easy to get that we forget we're paying for it in the first place. Sure, we can still choose to stream our favourite movies or download albums via torrents, but the tides are turning. It's easier and more reliable to get new movies or songs through a paid service, at a much higher quality and lower price point than our daily Starbucks. What do you think of the rise of paid content? Have you succumbed to subscription models or are you still scouring the internet in the name of free content?


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