Marketing Well...Or Not?

"what we need to do is innovate consumer centric, need based line extensions and communicate an emotional high ground that's second screen enabled and aligned to our north star."

Whaaaaat? Despite an unrelenting pressure and great desire for brands to generate greater returns and create stronger consumer relationships, in many cases it's simply not happening. What is happening consistently across organizations is increasingly more time and effort spent uselessly talking than actually thinking and acting.

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So starting tomorrow:

  • Talk Less. Think More. Jargon and complexity is the refuge of the weak and cowardly. Clarity and simplicity demand thought, precision and commitment. Strive to be clear and simple in everything you do.

  • Diagnose The Right Illness. Numbers (SOM, penetration etc) are symptomatic of brand health...but not the underlying cause of brand health. Understanding the behaviours people do or don't exhibit towards the brand is what determines recovery or decline. Think about the beahviours behind the numbers.

  • Focus On The Real Product. Strategy is a means to an end and not an end in itself. To paraphrase Winston matter how grande the strategy it's occasionally good to look at the results. Get the strategy 90% where it needs to be and execute, fine tune in real time.

Give everyone around you a break and practice a better way of marketing by just committing to changing one simple thing.


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