Leo Toronto "obliterates" Strategy's Creative Report Card.

"Obliterates" is the word Strategy used to describe our performance in their 2016 Creative Report Card. Considering the report is compiled by tracking over 1,500 individual awards won at the regional, national and international level over the past calendar year, you could say we did good. Leo Toronto, #1 Agency. Judy John, #1 Creative Director. Lisa Greenberg, #3 Creative Director. Anthony Chelvanathan, #1 Art Director. Steve Persico, #1 Copywriter. Five of our clients are ranked in the top 20 Brands list: P&G (Always) #1; Bell TSN #3; IKEA #7; TD and Raising the Roof tied at #19. Overall, LB Toronto racked up the highest total score in Creative Report Card history. Awesome results!


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