GMC Invents Art Genre with the Canyon AT4X


Crafted to highlight the Canyon AT4X’s off-road capabilities, GMC has created a collection of canvases painted with mud, with each splash, spray, and thud all being produced from the truck. GMC’s creation, or the artistic process, is all captured in a piece that sees the Canyon AT4X conquering trails while covering canvases in mud. All leading to three distinct pieces, one being sprayed next to a mud pit, one being dragged behind the truck, and lastly, one attached to the front grille as it makes its way through rugged terrain. Each canvas demonstrates the capability of the Canyon AT4X which comes standard with 33-inch MT tires, Multimatic DSSV dampers, front and rear e-lockers, underbody skid plates and the AT4X-exclusive Baja drive mode.

“The Canyon AT4X offers serious off-road equipment and advanced technology for enhanced capability and convenience. This truck is one that you appreciate not only for it’s capabilities but also, it’s beauty and aggressive exterior with a factory lift and ultra-wide track,” says Matt MacFarlane, National Marketing Communications Manager for Buick GMC. “And while we’re having fun with the art world, it’s a way for us to nod to the fun you have when you’re conquering any terrain in a Canyon AT4X.” MacFarlane continues, “Creating this campaign, we were challenging the Canyon AT4X to be the artist and to create pieces of art that could stand on their own. Once these canvases were displayed in the studio, we were amazed with how well they turned out.”

The pieces themselves, titled “Earth is a Journey”, “A Dance of Dirt and Drive” and “Tired”, are each named after their creation of being dragged, driven and splashed, respectively. With prints available for download at

“The juxtaposition of art world and off-road is such a fun place to play in,” adds Steve Persico, Co-CCO at Leo Burnett, the agency who helped with the creation of the campaign. “It leans into that awesome footage of the truck doing what it does best, and then it gives it something to do that you never thought about it doing.” Persico continues, “At the expense of sounding too artsy here, we love the idea of making the subject the artist. And one of the things we love most is how great the work looks up on the wall. It’s actually, amazingly, art.”

Alongside the “making of” and digital pieces, the physical canvases will be a mainstay for GMC and will make the rounds with the Canyon AT4X. Each canvas will eventually find their place on the walls at GM headquarters.

“Everyone who sees each canvas can’t believe how we made them. One of the most enjoyable aspects is witnessing people closely inspect and interpret them, as they would any of other form of art,” MacFarlane adds. “Art tells a story. These pieces tell a story of the Canyon AT4X. And that’s what makes campaign work so well,” says Persico.

The campaign, running on social and digital, launched November 27th with plans to continue releasing engagement pieces across all channels.