Borderless collaboration creates an inspired paint line and campaign.

Flowers, in Buddhist Sri Lanka, embody the impermanence and fragility of life. As such, they are offered daily at temple altars, but then discarded by the thousands, creating a lot of waste. This sparked the brilliant idea to extract the pigment from the wasted flower offerings to produce Petal Paints, a revolutionary new paint that uses pigment from natural flowers to preserve ancient temple art. Created in 5 unique colours that were inspired by the Buddha's halo, this paint will now be used to restore artwork in temples all over Sri Lanka.

Through donations to local temples and in-store displays that showcase this new range, Petal Paint is being used to brighten sacred spaces across Sri Lanka-and soon, the world.

Within weeks of launch, the campaign, created for JAT Holdings through a collaboration between Leo Burnett Sri Lanka and Leo Burnett Toronto, has generated over 30 million media impressions in PR value alone. In the words of Mark Tutssel, executive chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett Worldwide: "This revolutionary idea harnesses the power of creativity to positively impact the world. It's a wonderful example of a brand giving something back to Sri Lanka's heritage and culture."


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